We specialise in bespoke, realistic cakes, which are finished to a high standard and have an unrivalled taste profile. We proudly incorporate organic Welsh dairy, organic Welsh eggs,  Welsh handmade preserves, organic flour and fruit; as we passionately believe that cakes should be made with the best tasting ingredients.  

   Cakes are tailor-made to the customer's requirements and the pricing follows suit. Our luxury range of cakes are available for collection, and can be hand delivered to most places in the UK. This will incur a charge per mile and time travelled from, and back to our base in South Wales. All travelling expenses and overnight stays, if needed, will be calculated with your bespoke quote. Unfortunately, celebration cakes cannot travel via courier. 



    Send us a message via, "contact us." We will require a full description of your desired cake. This includes shape, size, decorations, flavour, collection or delivery, date required and photographs for inspiration.




 All iced cakes will have a layer of Cacao-Trace, chocolate ganache as a thick crumb coat. This provides extra stability to our cakes and helps to create defined edges. 


A short, traditional sized cake with two sponge layers. Finished with a premium sugarpaste/buttercream/white chocolate ganache finish:

6 inch round,  (8-10 servings) basic design from  £100

8 inch round, (14-28 servings) basic design from £130

10 inch round, (21-42 servings) basic design from £170

12 inch round, (28-56 servings) basic design from £220


6 inch square, (9-18 servings) basic design from £130

8 inch square, (16-32 servings) basic design from £170

10 inch square, (25-50 servings) basic design from £205

12 inch square, (36-72 servings) basic design from £285


 A tall cake with at least four sponge layers. Finished with a premium sugarpaste/buttercream/white chocolate ganache finish:

6 inch round, (16-20 servings) basic design from £190

8 inch round, (28-56 servings) basic design from £250

10 inch round, (42-84 servings) basic design from £330

12 inch round, (56-112 servings) basic design from £430


6 inch square, (18-36 servings) basic design from £250

8 inch square, (32-64 servings) basic design from £330

10 inch square, (50-100 servings) basic design from £400

12 inch square, (72-144 servings) basic design from £560



  Luxury, organic fruit and nut cakes have an added premium to the prices listed above. These cakes can be steeped in any alcohol of your choice. Traditionally covered in marzipan and icing.

   We can produce custom made flavours on request - we love experimenting!

Flavours with a (*) will incur an extra charge.

Sumptuous® Vanilla

A vanilla Madeira sponge layered between silky, Kiddu vanilla bean buttercream, and strawberry, Penylan handmade preserve.


Sumptuous® Chocolate
A rich, fudgy chocolate cake, layered with milk or white, Cacao-Trace chocolate buttercream.
*Sumptuous® Nutella®️ 
A decadent chocolate sponge with a generous serving of Nutella®️ buttercream. Buttercream layers can be topped with chopped hazelnuts.
*Sumptuous® white chocolate and raspberry:
A vanilla Madeira sponge layered with white, Cacao-Trace chocolate buttercream, and raspberry Penylan preserve.
*Sumptuous® red velvet
A soft red velvet sponge sandwiched between either vanilla buttercream/white chocolate buttercream/milk chocolate buttercream/American cream cheese style buttercream. Penylan raspberry preserve can be added to the white chocolate buttercream option.
*Sumptuous® chocolate orange
A rich, chocolate orange flavour sponge with an indulgent, Cacao-Trace chocolate orange buttercream. 
*Sumptuous® black forest
Kirsch flavoured chocolate sponge, sandwiched between Kirsch flavoured buttercream. Finished with layers of Kirsch flavoured black cherry jam.
*Sumptuous® toffee apple
Layers of toffee sponge with cinnamon buttercream and a sweet, chunky apple jam.
*Sumptuous® lemon
Sicilian lemon sponge with a zingy, Sicilian lemon buttercream and curd layer. Topped with blueberry jam (optional)
*Sumptuous® Biscoff®️
A vanilla Madeira sponge stacked with a rich Biscoff®️  buttercream, and a layer of Biscoff®️ spread.
*Sumptuous® pink Champagne
A delicate, pink Madeira sponge layered with pink Champagne buttercream.
*Sumptuous® carrot cake
A gently spiced, traditional carrot cake jewelled with sultanas, roasted pecan nuts, and a distinct hint of orange. Traditionally layered with American, cream cheese style frosting.
*Sumptuous® rainbow cake
6 layers of different coloured sponges, sandwiched between any colour/flavour buttercream. Bubblegum flavour buttercream is popular for this style.
*Sumptuous® banana caramel
A vanilla, Madeira sponge layered with banana buttercream. Topped with an indulgent caramel sauce. 
*Sumptuous® white chocolate and hazelnut
Chocolate fudge cake layered with white chocolate and hazelnut flavoured buttercream.


  Due to the labour intensive nature of this work, realistic hand-sculpted toppers and hand-carved cakes have an additional hourly premium of £25. Sculpting mediums include modelling paste, modelling chocolate, hard set sugarpaste, flower paste or isomalt. This premium also applies to sugarpaste flowers.



Cost estimates are available on request, as the prices frequently fluctuate:

Acrylic toppers and name/age charms

Card toppers and name/age charms

Detailed piping work

Fresh flowers

Dried flowers

Drip topping

Ribbons, bows and diamante brooches


Diamante embellished ribbon

Toy figures

Extra cake layers or tiers

Royal icing


Cake stands

Premium cake box or display box

Delivery and decorate

Rush orders


Sprinkles/premium sprinkles

Deep colourings

24ct Gold leaf and paint/lustre dusts or sprays

Custom made structures and boards

Premium cake boards

Glitter - iridescent or CK squares

Extra chocolate or chocolate work

Edible prints/icing sheets/wafer paper/tulle paper/rice paper or card

Personalised embossing


Cake lace

Chocolate transfers

Faux cake tiers

Premium flavours/specifically sourced ingredients not stocked/fruit cakes

Edible diamonds

Cake pops



Cookie pie slices






Basic design from £30 for 6 standard cupcakes

Mini cupcakes are available on request



Minimum spend of £850, this does not include delivery/set up, stand hire or purchase.